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PolyTactical specializes in the redistribution of polymer density through heat manipulation and modification. In other words, we improve your grip on tactical weapons and accessories.

Superior Grip
Superior Grip

Enhanced texture provides positive contact regardless of conditions.

Heat Manipulation

We apply just enough heat to displace material, without compromising the integrity of the polymer.

Done by Hand
Done by Hand

No machines here. All work is performed by hand for a totally custom result.

  • Full Grip
  • Partial Grip
  • Index Points
  • Micro Stipple
  • Standard Stipple
  • Patterns
  • High Grip Mods
  • Polymer Refinishing
  • Polymer Reshaping

Our Work

We're confident the quality of our work speaks for itself. We encourage you to visit us on Facebook or Instagram and see for yourself.

It all begins with a quote.

Contact us with information about your firearm and we'll provide you with a detailed estimate. After that, send us your parts and we'll contact you when they arrive with an invoice and estimated time to completion.

We work on all polymer firearms and accessories. In addition to the manufacturers listed below, we can add enhanced texture to magazines and grips from companies like Magpul, as well as shotgun and rifle stocks and forearms from Benelli, Beretta, Mossberg and Remington.

In some cases you may need to ship from your FFL to ours. Be sure you know which laws and restrictions apply, before shipping.

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